We provide an extensive list of services to suit your needs, whether its for domestic or commercial purposes  


Weed Wiping
A weed wiper allows you to control target weed species simply by using the difference in height between the weed and the crop (usually grass) without damaging clover compared to conventional spraying. Highly effective against weeds such as bracken, rushes and docks etc... its an effective, versatile and economical way of reducing your fields weed burden. In addition, chemical can be applied through the weed wiper in windy conditions reducing the reliability of "perfect" spraying conditions which are rare in the UK. A five year plan/strategy is recommended to completely eradicate the weed in the crop and dormant seed. It is fast becoming our no.1 seller of services to our clients.

Boom Spraying
With the use of our three metre boom sprayer we can provide low ground pressure chemical application to target weeds not suitable for the use of a weed wiper and in fields which are conventionally too small for larger machines/sprayers. We are fully qualified to deliver an effective and safe method of reducing weeds building up in your grassland and thus improving pasture utilisation


JRM Agricultural Services can trim your field, paddock, lawn or newly planted tree plantation with our trailed logic flail mower. Whether its large fields or tight spaces we can keep on top of your grass growth or any other suitable material which can be cut. Using a seperate powered engine, we can mow fields with steep inclines without losing performance 

Slug Pelleting/Spreading

Using our 60litre spreader we can provide control of pests such as slugs and distribute grass seed to regenerate patchy ares of grassland

Mini digger works

JRM Agricultural service provide many services with the use of a mini digger such as:

  1. Clearing existing ditches, we can keep water ways clear and able to flow
  2. Create new ditches and/or install to ground drainage pipes
  3. Digging areas to provide small ponds etc.
  4. Muck heap removal

JRM Agricultural Services can provide:

  1. Chainsaw/wood processing of logs for firewood
  2. Tree felling up to 360mm in diameter
  3. Crown Raising by removing lower branches 
  4. Mechanical weed control of new plantations
  5. Hedge trimming

Knapsack Spraying

Where a boom sprayer is not suitable, we can provide weed control for industrial and forestry areas through the use of our knapsack sprayer. Whether its weeds on the high street, garden or any other situation we can provide an cost effective strategy.


Garden Maintenance

With a wide range of machinery on offer we can provide services such as mowing, strimming, hedge cutting and weeding(chemical or mechanical) we can keep your garden in the best possible condition.


Short term & temporary work/Tractor driving

We can provide cover for your workforce and will consider short term contracts/positions to fill the void. This can be provided through our extensive range of qualification such as tractor & tele handler driving and certificates in chemical application.